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About Me

I'm a Windows / .NET Hacker for GitHub who graduated from The Ohio State University. In my spare time, I hack on some open-source software, play guitar and bass, and in general am within ε of really awesome.

Some stuff you might be interested in / looking for

Programs I've written:

  • ReactiveUI - A .NET M-V-VM library that integrates with the Reactive Extensions for .NET
  • mboxmerge - a Ruby program to combine several mbox mailbox files, which are used by Mozilla Thunderbird as well the Evolution mail client
  • GStreamer Music Hash - a program to return a unique string based on the audio content of a file
  • Rawhide Frontier - I wrote this for my senior project at Ohio State, it's a 3D Western-era RTS game
  • ECalTools - a few small utilities to operate on Evolution calendars
  • latex_build - a simple hack to build LaTeX and Octave files
  • generate-ctags.rb - a script to generate ctags databases by component size
  • The Mono Boo Compiler - a compiler frontend for Boo that acts more like the Mono mcs compiler

Places I've worked:

Projects I've contributed to: